Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Spoon or Not to Spoon...

When I first got married we had a queen sized bed, but we could have gotten away with a twin. I would literally put every limb around my new hubby to the point where he was absolutely smothered. I loved every minute of it and thought it was hubby...not so much.

Then we started having babies. During pregnancy I had about 15 different pillows under every part of my body so I could sleep...didn't help much. So even if I/he wanted to spoon, it was physically impossible. Now we are between babies (shhh, my husband thinks we're done) and the question remains-to spoon or not to spoon.

Do you start out spooning and then 5 minutes later decide "wow there is really no way I can sleep like this?" Or are you the die hard romantic that forces your sweetie to unpeel you before anyone gets sleep? Whichever you are, give spooning another try. Even if it's just for one night!


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