Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Lunch + Hot People = Hot Dates

Okay so remember your last date...it probably included an overpriced chicken alfredo dinner at the Olive Garden (although they do have AMAZING breadsticks!) then you headed over to the Theatre to hit 17 again (Zac is adorable) and by the end of the night you notice your wallet is considerably lighter, yet you really didn't get to do anything fun!

Now, if you don't really like the person you're on a date with, then the dinner and a movie date is PERFECT! But lets just pretend you might like the person... then why not get to know them better! So we created four amazing dates that are ridiculously fun and interactive. Our trendy savvy designers grabbed the yummiest treats and hottest products to make sure you have a blast! Let us help you end the night with a smile...and possibly a fake moustache!


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