Friday, May 21, 2010

Seven Days of Summer

Ok, so it's been a little while since we've sent out any dating inspiration, but we have some great things in the works and have been working our little tushes off to get them launched for you ASAP! More to come on that later. I had a little idea that would kick summer off with a little extra love for your honey. Check this out.

Seven days of Summer. Ok, there are obviously more than seven, but just pick seven (as in pick a week- the sooner the better!) and spoil your honey with little surprises. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Put a note in their lunch bag telling you the top three reasons why you love them or something just as thoughtful.
  • Put a treat in the pocket of their jacket or bag for them to find later. Make it their favorite, or something that means something like a 'Hunk' chocolate bar.
  • Iron their clothes or make them lunch in the morning.
  • Use washable markers and write messages on your body to let them find. Maybe stick to stomach or whatever, let's not get weird with the markers folks, or at least don't put them back in the kids' coloring desk. Alternatively, write messages on your baby's body for the other to find in the evening. This sounds weird, but it's fun, and funny and they will be totally surprised when they're in changing baby into pj's!
  • As in a previous post, draw a little message in the peanut butter for them to find. This pretty much only works with a new jar!
  • Make a special treat for them and have a mini treasure hunt to find it.

Use your knowledge of your hottie to pick things that you know they will like or will be great surprises when they need it most! They'll love the surprises and you'll love the extra kisses you'll get!

Tell us about your great surprise ideas!


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