Sunday, October 31, 2010

Date Night With Your Left Over Halloween Candy...

So Halloween's what? As I assessed the buckets of Halloween candy my kids got...and promptly pulled out the Reeses and Snickers for myself, I realized something. I have WAY too much candy left over! So here are a few fun date suggestions to get rid of that candy before you either gain 10 pounds or your kids' teeth fall out!

*Candy Necklaces -- put your candy in saran wrap and tie ribbon in between each can make a necklace for yourself and a tie for your honey!

*Candy Posters -- Grab a piece of posterboard, a sharpie and your candy and write messages to each other using ALL your candy!

*Treasure Hunt -- Make clues for different places around the house and have a piece of candy at each place. You can make them relevant to the candy or just random. Or take turns making clues for each other.

Or my personal favorite -- Eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next 4 days, and day 5 commit to hitting the elliptical hard!


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