Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hot Halloween Date Ideas For You and Your Honey!

4 Festive Date Ideas...

#1. Cupcakes! Click on our Tidbits page for some GREAT cupcake and frosting suggestions! (I ate about 15 of the peanut butter ones) Pick your fave and add Halloween sprinkles!
#2. Head over to your favorite retailer and try on different Halloween costumes with you and your dude. For extra fun have your guy throw on the little kids costumes. There is nothing funnier than a grown man in a knight costume made for a 10 year old!
#3. Grab the scariest show you can stomach and snuggle in for a night of movies. Maybe throw on some Dracula teeth just to be safe or throw them in your popcorn for a fun surprise!
#4. For those super brave souls...grab a flashlight and a little picnic dinner with candles and blankets and head over to your local cemetery! After grabbing a bite you can try and guess the life stories of the headstones around you! Remember NOT to step on the headstones!


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