Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 Things to Get YOU in the Christmas Mood!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner! Here are a few things you can do to get in the holiday mood TODAY:

TASTE: Grab that deluxe packet of Hot Chocolate or order that special holiday drink from Starbucks. They have a delicious caramel apple drink that seriously changed my life!

FEEL: Pick yourself up some of those super fluffy socks or some cozy slippers or if you live where I live, grab both!

SMELL: There is something awesome about going into someone's house and it smells like Christmas. So here's how you do it...those cheap scented pinecones you said you would never buy, and some fantastic peppermint candles lit all over your house (light the candles...not the pinecones).

SEE: Take a different route home from work and see how many Christmas lights you can see. Or throw some up at your house in an unexpected place...your bathroom or kids' room.

HEAR: No one can make the holidays come to life like Mariah, Jewel or Sarah. So grab all those wonderful Christmas CD's and play them in every car, room, and ipod!

IF none of these work, you can just bundle up in your house for a month and it will all be over soon!


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