Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breakfast...The Most Romantic Meal of the Day!

So my husband and I have this longstanding deal where he wakes up with the boys on weekends and then when I roll out of bed I whip us all up a delicious breakfast. I don't know if he actually knows about this deal but he has been going along with it for a while...
Anyway make a fantastically romantic breakfast for your significant other and really get the day started right! Here are a few delicious ideas:
-Stuffed french toast with a note that says " I love the 'stuff' your made of!"
-Heart shaped fried eggs with a note that says "You are Eggstremely amazing!"
-Pink pancakes with a note that says "I'm tickled pink you like me!"
-Fruit pizza with a note that says "Aren't you a Peach!"
And our favorite food experts out there are Kate and Sara at Our Best Bites check out their great breakfast and brunch recipes at


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