Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great Gifts for Your Honey for under $10!

Let's be honest, how many times have you purchased that new set of golf clubs, or those new work shirts for Christmas just to realize you overspent big time?! Well this year we came up with 5 fantastic gifts for him that are under $ you can get the right stuff at the right price!

#1. Personalized mugs from Last year I made 3 mugs, each with pictures of one of my kids. My husband can take them to work and stop asking me for photos of the kids to show his co-workers. Or you can throw on pictures of the two of you together. Either way, at $6.99 you can't go wrong!

#2. A Big Hunk candy bar. Okay, seems cheap right? But what if you attached a heartfelt and fantastic letter that explains why he is your big hunk? At least you'll get a laugh from it and he may even share.

#3. A hot leopard towel and some body wash. Seriously, boys are into being pampered...its the truth! So promise him he also gets a 30 minute shower with you and a full body scrub down!

#4. His favorite box of cereal/12 pack of soda with a cute note inside. My husband loves Diet Mtn. Dew, so every Christmas I have a 12 pack under the tree and he loves it!

#5. The infamous coupon book. Grab some cute scrapbook paper and some ribbon or twine. Put in personalized coupons redeemable at any time! It can be naughty things or nice things or a combination of both!


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