Monday, February 28, 2011

Love is in The Air(port)

Say you are coming back from a vacation and you get stranded with your significant other in Dayton, Ohio. How do you keep things fun and interesting in an airport setting?

Well, since I got stranded in Dayton, Ohio last week I'm pretty much the queen of killing time in an airport. Here are a few things we did to make our time fun and memorable when everyone else in the world got to their destination (still a little bitter).

Head over to the bookstore- most airports have them-and relax with a good read. I started with the kids books to see if I needed any for the little ones but after like 15 kids books the lady in the store was starting to give me the eye so I had to leave.

We also checked out the gift shop. You'd be amazed at the goodies they stock in that Dayton Ohio airport! We saw shirts that said "Future Cow Tipper" for kids.

Cinnabon. You can smell it from a mile away, so you might as well grab it rather than having to hike back through the airport and buy it later. They have new mini's that pretty much changed my life!

People watch, the classic airport activity. It's fun to take turns making up stories about people or couples you see.

Finally, CNN. We set up camp beneath a tv playing CNN nonstop and honestly I learned way more about what is going on in the world than I probably should have. If you need to know what is going on in Libya, I'm your girl!

Whether you are stuck, stranded or staying in an airport by choice, make the most of your trip by creating fun memories!


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