Friday, March 4, 2011

Games Lovers Play

I love games! I play them every time I get together with my family and-though my husband doesn't know it- I had to make sure he didn't suck at games before the marriage was final. Much to my surprise he was/is amazing! So here is a list of games you can play with your sweetie (and others). Or maybe give your cutie a test run before you invite the gang over for game night!

Apples to Apples - a fun group game that shows peoples' differences and leaves you in stitches.

ImanginIff - a game that tests your knowledge of those around you. You will laugh your face off. (It's best if played by people you know pretty well...or it gets awkward!)

Cranium - the game of pairs or teams that uses all parts of your brain. From knowledge to charades, you will do it all.

The Game of Things - super fun, question and answer game that can be as long or as short as you want.

Go ahead...get your game on!


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