Saturday, April 30, 2011

5 Ways to Kick His Style Up a Notch

Not that you don't love his normal ensemble of basketball shorts and free work t-shirts but he could use a few fashion upgrades. Once he starts getting compliments he'll realize what a fashion genius you are and he'll stop making fun of your skinny jeans!

1. Replace solid sport dress shirts with a pattern - for instance stripes or a small check. Some nice color combinations: light blue and white, and gray or khaki with black.

2. Striped ties, in all kinds of colors, are back, so grab a handful.

3. Ditch the pleated pants and get him into a pair of flat-fronts; they're sexy and stylish.

4. Invest in a casual suit - say, for this time of year, a linen one in a shade of brown, blue, or gray.

5. Replace his raincoat with a newly fashionable three-quarter-length coat that hits just above or below the knee.


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