Friday, April 22, 2011

(Easter Egg) Hunt for Your Honey!

For Easter this year add a little something extra to the mix. Grab a dozen plastic eggs (65 cents at most retailers),put cute notes inside, and hide them all over his bedroom and bathroom.

You can put fun coupons inside or some of his favorite candy. Anything that will let your honey know you think he's eggstra special! Here are some fun coupons you can include:

5 minute hand massage

pedicure with a soak scrub and moisturizer (take a good look at his feet before you put this one in...)

breakfast in bed

you pick the movie complaints or suggestions!

bikini car wash

20 minute back rub

dessert of his choice (or you can give him a few options...)

game night (I will watch a full basketball/football/baseball/hockey...) game with you

Let him finally release that inner 5 year old and finally find more eggs than his little sister!


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