Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Father's Day Ideas for Your Man

The big day for the dude of the household is coming up. So at Hot Lunch we racked our brains to find some perfect things to make him smile (or maybe even more than that!).

Outdoors Guy/Foodie - a watermelon knife (they sell them at William Sonoma and they are to die for), a watermelon, watermelon plates and napkins, a lantern and a new sleeping bag, subscription to Field and Stream Magazine.

Electronics Geek - itunes gift card, ipad or shuffle (depending on your budget), Wired Magazine subscription, Operation the game (if he's an electronic guy he will love this!).

Sports guy/Health Nut - Huge bucket of sunflower seeds, big league chew, tickets to his fave baseball game, cracker jacks, gym pass, running socks (these really do make a difference), subscription to Men's Health Magazine.

**You can pick and choose to really customize the gift to fit your guy! He will love it and hopefully you can score a back rub out of it!


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