Friday, July 8, 2011

A Vacation Away Can Bring You Together!

It's summer and most people take trips/vacations this time of year. What if your cutie can't come or (awkward) isn't invited? My husband wasn't invited on my last all-girls trip to New York City, but I wanted him to feel like he was there.

So...I texted him photos pretty much every hour on the hour...'look babe! It's me eating pizza, me negotiating a fake Prada (it's harder than it looks), me eating a ridiculously sized dessert at Serendipity...and it worked! At the end of the day when I called him to talk, he felt like he was there and it made a huge difference!

Another fun idea is to send out postcards (if you're gone for longer than a week) and let your Snookems know you were thinking about them.

Pick a fun souvenir of your trip but take your time. Try to find something that has meaning and lasting value, not a snow globe your kids will break 10 seconds after they open it. (No that really did happen!)

Just the thought of you missing them gives guys that 'I'm kind of a big deal' feeling, and let's be honest...they kind of are!


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