Saturday, November 28, 2009

Best Gift Ever!!!

Ok, so how many of you have started your holiday shopping already? (What? You went shopping on Black Friday? That's pure craziness!!!) And how many of you have somebody or a couple somebodies who you can't think of ANYTHING to give them because they already have everything? How about a Hot Lunch date box? Your friend Jenn might have every purse and shoe ever made, but when was the last time she made pizza wearing fake moustaches? Or discussed the perplexing question of why cartoon characters always seem to wear shirts, but never seem to wear pants? They haven't, you say? That's practically a crime- Hot Lunch dates are the most fun thing ever, folks!

Check out our reviews and see what some awesome blogs have to say about us- and then get shopping Guys, your girlfriends/wives are going to love this! Girls, this could be the perfect opportunity to give your guy the gift you always wanted. (I love that kind of gift!!! 'Here's a gift for you, for me!' haha!) They make for a good time whether it's your first date or you're just looking to shake things up a little!



Add a date box to a gift basket! Gift baskets are so HOT right now and I LOVE to give ones that have a dating theme- gift certificate for dinner, dessert, tickets to the movies, the zoo, a show... who knows what great ideas you will come up with! Then, if you want, you can throw in some chapstick to keeps those lips in tip top shape for smooching, massage oil for foot massages, one of those funky back massage contraptions, slippers, a cozy blanket, and cute little notecards to send love notes to each other... it's totally up to you!

Give a date box to your single girl friend! Even if she doesn't have a boyfriend or prospective date to go with, she can invite over her best gal pal and they can make pizza with moustaches! Ok, so you may not woo eachother with Italian pick-up lines, but you can still rock the Italian accent and don a mighty impressive stache! Good times, good times...

Buy a gift for yourself! You can use it now if you're too busy with the holidays to plan a date, but still need some snuggle time with your special someone! Or you can save it! There are so many times you can use it! (New Years? Valentine's Day? March 9?-why the heck not, folks??)


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