Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Christmas Dates...Mistletoe Optional!

There really is nothing cuter than holding hands through gloves while ice skating, but living in Phoenix there are not a ton of ice-skating rinks around (it has been 80 degrees all week)! So I have had to be creative this holiday season with my dates. Here are a few fun date ideas that hopefully won't need mistletoe...although having a little in your pocket just in case, probably isn't a bad idea!

*The Barnes and Noble Date with hot chocolate. So I love grabbing some delicious hot chocolate and sitting down in the kids section of Barnes and Noble. Then reading my favorite Christmas books to my honey while sitting on his lap! If you're really brave you can throw on your fake moustaches from our Mario and Luigi date box and really get people talking!

*The bundle up and head to a playground with coal, scarf and a carrot date. Grab your thickest gloves and warmest ski pants and create your own version of Frosty with your babe. Throw on the eyes, nose and scarf and swing while enjoying your snowman masterpiece. Then talk about your favorite Christmas traditions when you were a little kid. Don't forget to grab your Hot Lunch Camera and capture your guy sliding down the slides! If there is no snow around just hit the park and do a playground photo shoot!

*The Christmas House and Gingerbread Cookie date. Grab an old big box (refrigerator, washer, dryer...) they usually have them for free on Craig's List (I love that Craig!). Grab a knife, scissors, tape and a staple gun and make yourself a Christmas House. Add a door and roof and you can add windows and a chimney. We added paper plates for shingles on the roof and made a doormat. You can add cotton for snow and Christmas lights to get really festive. Then make some delicious gingerbread cookies and grab our Pink McStevens Hot Chocolate and head to your Christmas house (or mansion for those architects our there...)

Do you have some other really great Christmas Date Ideas? Come on don't be shy! Let us know what great things you've been up to and if we like them (we're pretty nice people I think we'll like them) we'll post them on our blog!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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