Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's the CRAZIEST thing you've done for a Valentine?

So my husband gets a little nervous at this time of year with pretty good reason; I do crazy things for Valentine's day and he knows it. I've done everything from a Valentine's Day balloon (the size of me!) sent to his office to covering our front room with red balloons.
Then there was the year I crossed the line! I snuck out at 5 am and taped hundreds of red paper hearts to every square inch of my husbands car. As he walked out to go to work I saw a look of defeat and knew I had nailed it! After pleading to switch cars he headed to work in his "love" mobile. As he hit the freeway the valentine's day hearts started flying off and hitting people's cars behind him. He said he looked in his rear view mirror and just saw tons of cars swerving to miss other cars! Needless to say he made it to work safely and I barely made it through that Valentine's Day still married!
Tell us the craziest thing you have ever done for a Valentine. If you're looking for ideas I would not suggest the hearts on the car idea...(read above)

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  1. that its great! I should post hearts all over my boyfriends car. =}