Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dating Do's and Don't; 3 Things You Should Do on Every Date!

We know you know all the things you shouldn't do on a date but do you know the 3 things you should do? Take a peek at our short list and see if you are already doing them:

#1. Smile - Always smile on your date! Seriously, even if this is the worst date ever make the most of it. Smiling says 'hey I know you think I'm hot, but I'm nice, too!' Being a positive person is so attractive to the opposite sex.

#2. Tell the Truth - This does not mean tell your date about the messy divorce your sister is going through or that you just found out you need a root canal, but don't make things up or be dishonest. It's too hard to remember all the lies you told and eventually it will all come out...and nobody wants to be around when that happens!

#3. Bring Cash - You never know when that seemingly chivalrous date is going to expect you to pay your share of that expensive Italian dinner, or maybe the date ends badly and you need a taxi. Trust me, always bring the green...just in case!


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