Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great Christmas Date Idea...Pull Out Your Stockings!

Grab some felt stockings ($3.99 at your local craft store) and your hot glue gun and sit down for a fun night of stocking decorating!

Overwhelmed with where to start? First, decide on a theme. You can use color and glue on your all of your fave things that different shades of purple or red or green-just stick to the same color family. Or, you can use a letter theme and glue on your favorite words or fun holiday words-and of course monogram it! Or, you can go for that eclectic stocking and put on a little bit of everything, including some unique buttons, fun fabric and hand made felt flowers!

Don't forget to grab an orange, nuts, little gifties, and a truckload of your favorite candy so you're ready to go for the big day!


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