Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Romantic Tip of The Week...Let's Talk Pillow Talk

So what if after you made your bed in the morning you put your sweetie's favorite candy bar under his pillow? I know if my husband put a king size Reeses under my pillow I would give him the world's biggest kiss then bee-line it to my fridge for milk!

You could send him a text or email letting him know you have a surprise for him. Or leave a cute note on his pillow.

-"Thanks for being such a GOOD guy!" (Mr. Goodbar under the pillow)

-"You are my BIG HUNK!" (Big Hunk under the pillow)

-"Thanks for being such a SWEETART!" (SweeTart under the pillow)

-"I love you for more than your WHATCHAMACALLIT!" (Whatchamacallit under the pillow)

Either way you should probably let him know you have something delicious under there or you'll have a lot of yucky stuff to clean up in the morning!


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