Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun, Creative, Unique...Ways to Say I Love You

Those three words can turn a seriously crappy day into a bright super shiny one! They put a smile on everyone's face. So why don't we say them more? Maybe because we don't know any other way except literally saying the words...I Love You. Which is still ultra important but let's get creative kids! I have gathered a few of my fave ways to express your loves to those you love:

Tub Crayon - can I really say it changed my life...feels weird but also true. Write a sweet I Love You in the shower for your cutie to read in the morning.

Markers - lift up that shirt and write I Love You on those hot washboard abs. If you don't have washboard abs...hey you just have more room to write! Take a picture and text it!

Cereal Prize - Fold up a small paper with I Love You on it and throw it in your babes breakfast box of cereal. It's much better than the secret decoder ring he thought he was getting.

Lipstick on car window - throw an I Love You on his driver side window with some cute kissy lips. He won't know what hit him in the morning!


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